Granite Ware Cookware reviews

Granite Ware Cookware reviews

What Is Granite Ware Cookware Made Of?

Graniteware is just a type of enamelware and it is also a brand name. Graniteware is also a widely-used term in the enamelware?collectors’ community?to refer to the enamelware items made from the 1870s until the end of World War II. The?older graniteware?pieces were made of tin or iron. They had more layers of glass coating and were heavier compared to modern kitchen items. Graniteware kitchenware gained popularity fast because of the convenience of the glass surface combined with the strength of the?metal. The glossy porcelain surface was easier to maintain than heavy rust-prone cast iron pieces. Graniteware kitchenware has nothing to do with Granite except its similarity in appearance. Today graniteware kitchen items are made with a steel core and glass coating. Porcelain enamel is fused with metal at 2,000 F creating a non-porous, inert, and naturally non-stick glass surface. The Graniteware items made today are thinner in construction and more lightweight than Grandma’s used to be. 

Is the Graniteware Made Today Safe for Cooking?

Modern Graniteware is made of thin carbon steel covered with a layer of porcelain enamel. The glass coating is inert and free of harmful chemicals. It will not interact with any type of food or change the taste or color of your meals. If the porcelain coating is not damaged, Graniteware cookware is?safe for cooking?and storing any type of food including highly acidic dishes. If there is a chip on the outside of the cookware, it will not affect the item’s safety or cooking ability, but if the coating is chipped off on the inside, you must stop using it for food preparation and storage.

Modern Graniteware Roasters – best cookware

Columbian Home Prod. 0511-1 Covered Rectangle Roaster (Product from Amazon)

Today’s?GraniteWare roasters?are thinner and less sturdy compared to older models. Some cheaper models are thin and flimsy and may have sharp edges which are not finished safely. But most of those roasters are still good enough to cook your Thanksgiving turkey to perfection or for baking your own “artisan” bread. These pans are perfect for handling large meals and can be used for any type of food you can roast in an oven.

  • Inner carbon steel core distributes heat evenly and quickly.
  • The dark porcelain surface absorbs heat quickly, lowering cooking times.
  • The products are lightweight and much easier to handle than comparable cast-iron items.
  • You can cook meals in the oven without any mess.
  • The smooth glass surface allows for?easy?cleaning.
  • The food comes out tender and delicious.
  • Affordable prices make this cookware a reasonable choice for budget-minded customers.
  • This cookware cannot be used on glass surfaced stoves, as they can crack the cooktop.
  • Modern Graniteware is too thin to hold heat well.
  • Thin-layered GraniteWare is prone to chipping, especially if dropped.
  • Despite the manufacturers’ claim that the surface is non-stick, many users experience sticking issues. I often have burned food stuck to the bottom and sides of my granite roaster. However, the burnt residue will come off easily if you leave the pan in the sink to soak with some soapy water.
  • Some buyers find today’s Graniteware kitchenware too ordinary and unattractive.

Cleaning and Care Induction Cookware

The impervious surface makes this cookware easy to clean. Most GraniteWare roasters are dishwasher safe, per the manufacturer’s claims, but they also clean up easily by hand, using soap and water. To remove the burnt juices, fill the pan with warm soapy water and let it sit for a few hours. Make sure you are using gloves whilst washing to prevent cutting your fingers on sharp edges. Do not heat the roaster while empty. Do not drop it on hard surfaces to avoid chipping. Store the cookware by turning lids upside down and placing it inside the roaster. When you store smaller roasters inside a larger one, place a dish towel between the lids and the pan to prevent chipping while being stored.

MasterPan Granite Pan Quick Review – best copper chef cookware

We love the MasterPan Granite Fry Pan for its versatility. Not only is it suitable for all types of cooktop, but you can also put it straight into your oven to continue cooking your food. Plus, it’s energy-efficient and time-saving since it heats up really well with its aluminum body. What really makes this granite cookware shine above the rest is the fact that it’s free from all major forms of toxic materials, from PTFE, PFOA, lead, to cadmium. The pan is also warp free, so you don’t have to worry about it changing shape due to quick changes in temperature (such as plunging the pan into cold water). The one drawback for us is its weight- at close to 4 pounds, it’s heavier than most granite pans, though luckily the pan includes a helper handle that lets you lift up the pan using both hands. All in all, the MasterPan will allow you to cook healthy meals in style with its contemporary look. The black-gray granite pan is complemented well by its long, stainless steel handle. 

WaxonWare Granite Pan Quick Review

The WaxonWare Granite series is one of the most durable granite pans you’ll come across, wrapped in 5 layers of natural non stick layers that are free from all major types of chemicals. Let’s start with the health benefits. Unlike some granite cookware that still contain PTFE, WaxonWare is 100% PFOA, PTFE, Lead, and cadmium free. This means even at extremely high temperatures, there is no risks of toxic fumes and chemicals leeching into your foods or the air. The WaxonWare cookware is also durable. Very durable. The hardened aluminum alloy center virtually eliminates warping, keeping your pan in the same shape for many years to come. Trust me when I say there’s nothing more frustrating than a warped pan that always pools the oil around the edges of the pan. If you own an induction stove, you’ll be happy to know the WaxonWare pan works with on it as well thanks to the electromagnetic induction bottom that helps distribute heat evenly across the entire surface of the pan. Sadly it’s not oven safe, however.

Ballarini Granite Cookware Quick Review – best nonstick cookware

If you cook a lot and prefer having a full set of granite cookware, check out this 10-piece set by Ballarini. From a frying pan for searing steaks to a dutch oven for your favorite stew, this set has your back. You can even use them for baking, provided that they don’t exceed the temperatures listed above. The Ballarini is so heat-efficient that for most dishes, you’ll only need to use low to medium heat. Of course, it’s nonstick, so you can cook healthier meals for your family. We love the addition of the Thermopoint handles as well. They are heat-sensitive, so they turn red when the pan is hot enough for cooking. Then, when it turns green, you know that it’s cool enough for washing. We are extremely pleased with this graniteware set and, so far, do not have any complaints. The two critical reviews on Amazon are from defective items, and you have the full lifetime warranty for that. Overall, this is a very good deal for a granite cookware set that will last you for years with proper care.

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