blue diamond cookware

blue diamond cookware

Blue Diamond Cookware Review

Blue Diamond is yet another nonstick cookware that has entered the market as a toxin-free option. Obviously, there is an increasing demand for this kind of cookware as more and more people opt for?non-Teflon pans. While the name Blue Diamond sounds exclusive and high-end, is it really as good quality as it implies? What is unique about it that sets it apart from its competitors? The Blue Diamond cookware review below will try to answer these questions and more. 

Blue Diamond Cookware Review – Pans And Sets

You can buy the Blue Diamond cookware as a set or individual pieces. The individual pans come in various sizes including a 5-quart saute pan, 11-inch griddle pan and 12-inch fry pan. You can also get the cookware in a set for a more economical buy. For a 14-piece set (model no. CC001951-001), you will be getting the following items:

  • 7-inch open frypan skillet
  • 9.5-inch open frypan skillet
  • 2-quart covered saucepan
  • 3-quart covered saucepan
  • 5-quart covered stockpot
  • 1 stainless steel steamer
  • 3 multi-purpose black nylon cooking utensils

So, how are they different from other nonstick cookware? One of the differences between Blue Diamond vs copper pans such as?Red Copper?and?Copper Chef?is the former has a ceramic nonstick coating that is diamond-infused while the latter has copper infusion in their construction. The Blue Diamond is marketed as being harder, longer-lasting and having better heat transfer with the diamond element. The coating is claimed to be 5 times harder so that it won’t get scratched with metal utensils and last 10 times longer compared to traditional nonstick coating. It also transfers heat 4 times better for a quick and even heating because diamond is a great heat conductor. Apart from the coating, is the Blue Diamond safe? Well, it is being marketed as toxin-free with no PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium found in its cookware. However, there is no mention of it being PTFE-free in its selling description. It also has a strong forged base that protects against warping, wobbling and degradation over time and yet, it is lightweight. For those covered pieces, they come with tight-fitting glass lids. The Blue Diamond cookware is dishwasher and oven safe up to 850°F (except for the lids). However, they are not compatible with an induction cooktop.

Pros And Cons Of The Blue Diamond cookware sets


  1. Affordable – The selling price of a Blue Diamond pan is close to what you would typically find for other nonstick cookware such as?Granite Rock?and?GreenLife Ceramic. It is competitively priced and affordable with their frying pans being in the $20 to $30 range depending on the size, at the time of this Blue Diamond cookware review write-up.
  2. Light – The cookware feels light in your hand. Cooking and washing will be easy as there is less pressure on your arm when you lift the cookware.
  3. Attractive – If you like your pots and pans to look nice and stylish, the Blue Diamond cookware sets will be perfect for your kitchen. The interior sparkles a little with the diamond infusion while the exterior has a nice blue color rather than the typical black or gray.
  4. Nonstick – The coating is nonstick and performs admirably with a little oil or butter. Food will slide out easily with some lubricant present and clean up is easily done.


  1. Scratches – The nonstick coating is not as strong as advertised because it still can get scratched while cooking. There are complaints from users about scratches although the commercial even claims the coating can withstand the use of a mixer.
  2. Handwashing recommended – The cookware is advertised as dishwasher safe but hand washing is still recommended to prolong its lifespan. Similarly, it is metal utensil safe but using wooden or nylon tools is still preferred as well. So, if you are looking for daily convenience, the Blue Diamond cookware is not exactly the ideal choice.
  3. Handles get hot – The handles are stainless steel and many buyers have complained that they can get very hot on the stove. You will need pot holders or oven mitts.
  4. Needs lubricant – The nonstick coating is not perfect. Food can still get stuck instead of sliding around as shown in the commercial if you cook it without oil or butter.
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Should You Buy The Blue Diamond Pan Or Cookware Set?

The Blue Diamond pan reviews from buyers that we can gather online tell a very familiar story – that it works for some but not others. If you expect it to perform like what is advertised, you will be disappointed. But if you use it with care like any other nonstick cookware, then it will be a helpful tool in the kitchen. That means no metal utensils, no putting it into the dishwasher and no high heat is to be used, no matter what the marketing says. In short, you need to use it with care and it can’t take much abuse like how you would treat your stainless steel pans.(Pioneer Woman Cookware ) Being a lightweight cookware, it also means the Blue Diamond’s construction is on the thin side. Whether you would like such a cookware is a matter of personal preference. On the one hand, it will heat up very fast and it is comfortable to lift and hold, but on the other, food can get burnt rather quickly if you are not attentive. For this Blue Diamond cookware review, we would say give it a miss. It is not so much about the marketing claims that get to us because we have come to expect that nonstick cookware must be treated with care. It is the hot handles that attract so many complaints that make us feel uncomfortable with it. We are not saying that it is a lousy cookware but neither is it anything special. So, if Blue Diamond is just like any other nonstick cookware, there is little reason to take the risk with a hot handle when there are plenty of other?ceramic-coated cookware?out there for you to choose from.

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